Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Braziliano Praia - Do Brazil

You must be wondering who are the innovative brains behind these incredible Glow in the Dark Flip Flops. Well the answer is Braziliano Praia. Yes the same people who brought you crowd favourites Beetles and Rio Flip Flops.

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Do Brazil.

The 1st Series of Glow in the Dark Flip Flops

The creative brains behind your favourite Braziliano Praia Beetles and Rio flip flops are at it again. This time, be prepared to be wowed as they introduce their latest innovation, Glow in the Dark Flip Flops. Now here's where Braziliano Praia's creativity stands out. They actually went the extra mile by adding a "Star" design with glowing edges. No more worries about not being able to locate your flip flops in the dark!

Braziliano Praia Making Their Mark in Japan

Those sparkling colours, those ultra comfortable rubber straps. Yeap its the Braziliano Praia flip flops we are talking about here. They are now making their mark in the the fashion-conscious land of the rising sun, Japan.

Visit for the their full collection.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

No More Losing Your Flip Flops in the Dark!

Ever felt frustrated when you lose your flip flops after someone kick them off your feet in the dark? Or ever got so comfortable in the cinema that you flicked your own flip flops into the darkness? Well now you don’t have to worry about losing your flip flps in the dark anymore, cos Braziliano Praia’s creative juices are at it again. Introducing their newest innovation, “Glow In The Dark” Flip Flops. With their glowing logos and printed edges, losing your flip flops in the dark doesn’t seem like a bad thing anymore!

And for the benefit of all the night owls who always have the issue with searching for flip flops in the darkness, we hereby present this blog, dedicated to the exclusive Braziliano Praia Glow in the Dark Flip Flops collection. So do check back for more updates!